Scalar specialists are ready to train your staff in the theoretical and practical side of providing medical care in any conditions that your team may face. Our instructors understand first hand that when working in a hazardous environment, the principles of first aid and pre-medical support change.

Certified Emergency Care training

Scalar specialists conduct training on the upgraded TCCC (Tactical Combat Casualty Care) system for medical workers and military medical units with our modifications. The courses are taught under the guidance of highly qualified preclinical doctors of both military and civilian profiles.

  • Airway management
  • Haemorrhage control procedures
  • Emergent invasive interventions
  • FAST Scan
  • Clamshell thoracotomy
  • Decompression craniotomy
  • Limb external fixation
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Tactical medical care for the wounded

Scalar offers individual advanced training courses in tactical medicine for medical professionals and military medical units. The courses are conducted under the guidance of highly qualified preclinical doctors of both military and civilian profiles. The methods are selected based on the experience of your medical staff and may include the following types of practice:

  • Care Under Fire (CUF) Stage Stopping arterial or massive bleeding and transferring the wounded to the yellow zone
  • TFC (Tactical Field Care) including MARCH-PAWS treatment: Massive hemorrhage, Airways, Respiration, Circulation, Hypothermia/Head injuries, Pain, Antibiotics, Wounds.
  • Tactical Evacuation Care (TACEVAC) Moving the wounded to the green zone and hospitalization the wounded

Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear And Explosive Substances

Scalar has specially developed a separate block of courses on the standard of working with chemical, biological, radiological, and explosive substances (CBRNe) and medical practices on occupational safety. Specialists teach each of the courses offered in their field, which allows you to adapt the method to the company's needs and the training level of your medical staff.

  • Courses include:
  • CBRNe and Hazmat threats
  • PPE
  • Decontamination zones
  • Treatment of CBRNe and Hazmat victims
  • CBRNe and mass casualties
  • Live and virtual simulations

Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support

The training program is designed for the medical personnel treating patients with injuries in the field who cannot transport the patient to a medical facility quickly. Our specialists work with the best traumatologists and surgeons to prepare medical workers to reduce morbidity and mortality. With the help of the Scalar course, doctors will increase the survival rate of the staff based on the achievements and experience of tactical medicine doctors, introducing the latest assessment techniques, equipment, and decision-making process.

  • XABCDE assessment algorithm
  • Understanding the Lethal Diamond
  • Latest hemorrhage control equipment and techniques
  • Advanced airway management, respiratory support, monitoring and interventions
  • Circulatory support (fluid resuscitation, TXA administration)
  • Burn management
  • TBI and spinal shock management