Driving skills

Scalar extreme driving courses for the military, law enforcement and security professionals are conducted in a classroom setting and are practiced in the field. An in-depth and practical course that combines observation and practice, allowing students to master the skills of planning and driving vehicles to successfully respond to any dangerous situation, which increases the effectiveness of safety measures on all types and sections of roads.

Improved road safety

Scalar presents his advanced course on road safety in extreme driving. Our course aims to improve the skills of driving a vehicle with a deep understanding of what it means to drive a car regardless of conditions. The approach is individualized for each student and begins with determining the level of knowledge and mastery of technology. Having determined the starting point and possible gaps, Scalar trainers develop your skills based on theoretical and practical exercises. After completing the course, the student makes more effective decisions on highway emergencies at high speeds.

High center of gravity cars

Scalar developed the course with a high center of gravity to understand the difference in control between a car with a sedan platform and a vehicle with a high center of gravity. The course is based on a small theoretical basis and testing of the student's skills, followed by development with the help of formed exercises and training maneuvers on a car with a high center of gravity.

Operations with cortege

Tuple operations develop communication skills between groups responsible for different vehicles, the formation and application of the primary forms of the target's environment, and practice techniques of evasion and escape from pursuit. Students work in conditions as close to authentic as possible, considering live traffic, which develops survival skills necessary for successfully implementing the main task - client protection.

Vehicle command

This practical course is designed for military and law enforcement officers. The main goal is to teach you how to navigate quickly in a hostile environment, purchase a vehicle and find a way to get yourself to a safe place. The practice course consists of training on the example of several vehicles on the use and modification of various tools, the defeat of vehicle safety systems, starting the car engine, and exiting a hostile environment.

Advanced vehicle control and ambush control

Scalar presents a new course for law enforcement students. The course focuses on the student's understanding of the dynamics of vehicles on different platforms and sizes under different traction conditions and speeds. Techniques are being worked out on the provided cars in conditions as close to reality as possible, at high speeds, and in conditions of persecution. After mastering the entire list of necessary maneuvers on the road and techniques of confrontation in an ambush, the student undergoes a final highly intensive stage of training to overcome the main obstacles with a demonstration of all the skills mastered in a critical situation.

The fight against terrorism

This Scalar course consists of practical exercises, having mastered which students will learn how to evade possible attacks using offensive and defensive driving tactics. The individualized approach begins with determining the student's skills, and after practicing evasive actions, breaking through barricades, reversing, turning Y, turning J, PIT. The training exercises take place on various provided vehicles, both in single-mode and in the mode of a motorcade or convoys, depending on the customer's needs. The course also includes the study of work at the checkpoint and the selection and analysis of the route. Students will have high-intensity scenario training at the end of the period.

On-site repairs in the field

The most practice-oriented course on the basics of repair work is adapted to the main types of breakdowns that can occur with a car in a hostile environment or an environment with an organic set of resources. Upon completion of the course, the student has fixed the skills of rapid vehicle repair, which allows you to move from the point and complete the task quickly.

Driving in the dark with night vision devices

The Scalar course on driving in the dark with NVG covers a wide range of theoretical and practical knowledge about NVG devices. Practical classes are held in various vehicle configurations. At the client's request, the course and exercises can be introductory or develop a deep knowledge of the staff about working in the dark to establish accuracy and efficiency in low light, white light, and NVG with complications.

The checkpoint

The Scalar course "Checkpoints and convoy operations" provides its students with in-depth knowledge of practical techniques for conducting skillful negotiations on checkpoints, as well as selecting and analyzing the environment of routes for maximally safe and fast task performance. Functional training is conducted with various configurations of the provided vehicles, following the customer's needs. The course includes attack scenarios and practicing behavior in stressful situations.

Heavy vehicle training

Scalar offers a training system for beginners and experienced drivers of heavy vehicles, in addition to theoretical training to understand the functioning of heavy machines, and after a comprehensive course of practice on all types of roads, per the customer's wishes. During the period, students practice on village roads, asphalt, off-road surfaces, and simulations of any time of the year and traffic congestion.

Armored vehicles training

Scalar has developed a course on armored vehicles' tactical and operational use, which can become a leading asset in a critical situation. Our specialists introduce the theory and basic principles of working with armored vehicles and then immerse students in the practice of operating armored vehicles in conditions of high stress and risk.