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Whether you need a highly qualified physical security service, a multidimensional strategic security plan for your company, or an upgrade of technical equipment in an existing security system, Scalar knows how to help you.

Our mission is to create a safe world for our client's businesses, employees, and property. We provide a full range of services to ensure the peace of mind of our customers and the safety of their business. We work hard to develop an individual security strategy customized to your needs. Analyzing risks, we create unique solutions that eliminate problems long before the critical stage, which enables us to save the most valuable resources - peace of mind and time for our customers.

We keep up with the times and offer the latest developments so that you can ensure your security in an ever-changing global and local environment to protect your assets or improve the quality of services provided to your customers.


We offer the services of security specialist with extensive training and background checks. Our certified security guards will ensure the safety of your business and adapt to your needs without disrupting essential business processes.We сare about the safety of both employees and the public.


The use of all types of transport for the transportation for fulfilling your needs. Scalar provides customers with fast, efficient logistics solutions in the civil and military sectors. Scalar specialists offer services to ensure the base and infrastructure of your facility, supervise deliveries and ensure the safety of storage of received goods.


Scalar provides a wide range of exploration services. Our highly qualified specialists with developed strategic thinking quickly start the procedure of data collection and analysis in financial, multidirectional technical, medical and human intelligence. Scalar will satisfy your needs for obtaining information for making managerial decisions and confidence in the safety of your own actions.


The long experience of training the best guard dog breeds allows us to provide a new level of protection. Specially targeted training enables dogs to use their unique abilitieses in checking cargo, detecting explosives and narcotics. The result is a best-in-class training team that makes a difference in ensuring your safety and the safety of your customers during events.

Technical service

Scalar has the most active and effective support system for your work, even in emergencies. Scalar provides high-quality specialists, services, equipment, and materials to ensure security through control, surveillance, and intelligence, testing. Scalar's connections worldwide allow us to deliver the necessary equipment and materials quickly, regardless of the level of conflict development in the region.

Mine clearance

A team of landmine specialists can provide project management services for all aspects of an ERW/landmine clearance project. In addition, we can offer customized services to meet specific needs for detecting and removing mines in territories using the latest technologies.


Unmanned technologies are finding more and more applications in the spheres of human activity. With Scalar, you can develop a system for monitoring and using technologies of UAVs, and terrestrial and underwater drones, hire or train pilots for intelligence and counterintelligence purposes, and develop a plan to protect property from invasion by unmanned vehicles.

Facility O&M and Base Operations Support

Scalar is ready to provide its client with a full range of maintenance services and support for basic operations. Whether you need site maintenance and management or logistics solutions and the connection and maintenance of basic life support systems, Scalar knows how to ensure the fulfillment of the task and meet your needs to ensure the continuous process of your business, wherever you are.


Construction of a complete cycle with the connection of all necessary supply and support systems and establishing infrastructure around your facilities, including base camps with full provision of employees and storage connected to the logistics service.