Technical Services

Flexible and fast logistics and support solutions for your business

Solutions for logistics and life support Scalar, selected and developed for your business, which is quickly integrated into the system of strategic and tactical planning, quickly impacts operational processes, scaling, and changing as your company grows.

Having experience in the development of logistics solutions around the world, Scalar has the most active and effective support system for your work, even in emergencies. Scalar specializes in providing high-quality specialists, services, equipment, and materials. Scalar's connections worldwide allow us to deliver the necessary equipment and materials quickly, regardless of the level of conflict development in the region. We work with civilian organizations and military companies in conflict and post-conflict areas to ensure the complete security of ongoing processes. Scalar develops the local economy, reduces the delivery time, and supports your operations with continuous monitoring of programs, personnel, and equipment 24/7.

Aviation and Air Charter Services

From the construction of runways and hangars to the constant maintenance of machinery and roads as infrastructure elements, Scalar provides the necessary services and personnel to meet the client's needs.

Supply Chain and Depot Management Support

Scalar helps its customers to create and maintain warehouse conditions for the storage of goods. Scalar specialists create reliable storage systems and provide the client with specialists in effective supply management, providing timely logistics solutions.

Medical centers

Our highly qualified specialists handle cargo for export or personal purposes.

Operations and Logistics Services

Scalar provides its customers with specialist services for logistics and operations management. Highly qualified professionals in their field take on logistics management functions including customer service, supplier search and procurement, operations planning and management, and transportation of personnel and equipment.

Critical Supplies

Scalar experts assess the current supply chain conditions for individual products, identify key risks that may threaten to disrupt these supply chains, and propose a strategy to reduce risks and improve the reliability and efficiency of the supply chain.

Sustainment Services

Scalar specialists provide businesses with solutions in logistics and personnel services necessary to maintain and expand operations to complete a mission or redeploy forces. Scalar offers essential support to the operating units to perform their tasks at the highest level.

Medical Support

Scaler designs and provides the most significant medical facilities for our clients, taking into account all their requirements for the maintenance, care and life support of their military personnel in the military sector and the expected number of patients in the civilian sector.

Global Advisory Services

Scalar specialists provide business advice in intelligence, logistics, and security anywhere in the world. Under the order, Scalar can arrange for a specialist to visit the site in challenging situations and the need to create and improve the security system and achieve your goals.

Life Support Services

To provide your base and organization with the best services to continue effective operations and maintain the life support of your mission anywhere in the world, Scalar organizes the transportation and hiring of personnel trained to meet your need to ensure and maintain the condition of the base, provide medical services and maintain security.

Radar support and maintenance

Scalar provides its customers with services for developing high-precision measuring radar and electro-optical reconnaissance systems. We support our customers during operation and offer maintenance services to training ranges and design and production.

Intelligence Analysis

Scalar keeps up with the times and uses the latest and most reliable methods, technologies, and approaches for Data Analysis and Intelligence Analysis Services. Scalar analysts are trained in the latest analytical techniques to stay ahead of rapidly changing targets and threats in the fight against cybercrime, drug trafficking, money laundering, and identity theft.

Technical Equipment Support Services

Scalar's mission is to provide first-class equipment support to our customers 24/7 through the organization of the necessary level of consultation and support, including constant remote support and experts on specific products. Scalar provides global and local technical support, allowing you to quickly and efficiently solve problems.


Scalar provides its clients with reliable and prompt services for planning construction projects at a cost-effective price. We work with civilian and military facilities. Depending on the client's needs, we can provide comprehensive project planning services and work in a supporting role.

Mine action and ordnance clearance

Scalar uses the latest technologies to ensure the safe process of clearing fields in conflict and post-conflict regions, which allows for the competent identification, neutralization, and disposal of explosives.


At the request of the client, highly qualified intelligence specialists of various directions Scalar uses the latest technologies and provides our clients with reports available for a quick understanding of the current situation, its causes and consequences.

Special operations mission support and personnel

Scalar supplies its clients with personnel, training technologies, and equipment for support teams and special operations in any location to prevent, deter, and respond to an emergency. At the client's request, Scalar supplies units that have already been assembled and gained experience or form a team from the contractor's staff.

Fire protection and emergency management and response

Scalar organizes fire safety of objects of any size and purpose to ensure complete security and implements an alarm system that informs all trained personnel at the facility about the need for evacuation. Staff training is conducted through regular inspections.