Facility O&M and Base Operations Support

Security and support of critical assets and facilities

Scalar understands perfectly well that your company's most significant assets require constant infrastructure support and competent management on the ground. Scalar specializes in innovative approaches and their practical implementation in operational processes, allowing to develop a program of operation and maintenance for missions of particular importance and supervision of logical chains and procedures with the help of improved safety and security programs. The introduction of the latest security systems will allow you to increase the efficiency of the process of protection and support of infrastructure while reducing the cost of its maintenance.

Scalar is ready to provide its client with a full range of maintenance services and support for basic operations. Whether you need site maintenance and management or logistics solutions and the connection and maintenance of basic life support systems, Scalar knows how to ensure the fulfillment of the task and meet your needs to ensure the continuous process of your business, wherever you are.

Scalar specialists worldwide are ready to support the solution of any given task, manage and supervise the labor, materials, and equipment provided to meet all the needs, and perform all the operations at the base. Scalar specialists offer the best service for the maintenance of your facilities, relying on their global experience and willingness to adapt quickly and meet your requirements for changes. This guarantees the best execution of tasks and complete process security.

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Services for Comprehensive Base Operations Support
Site Management and Operations

Scalar will ensure your safety with our comprehensive approach to the operations lifecycle. We will provide security and help organize the equipment system, operation, and infrastructure maintenance.


Scalar can develop and provide your new facility with a full range of utilities to fully provide the infrastructure of your life. The connection to the public infrastructure of the electrical system, gas, water supply, sewerage, and services to ensure safety is carried out with the full provision of legal documentation.

Sanitary waste disposal

Scalar considers all factors of location and access to public infrastructure to form the most convenient and reliable waste disposal system. Our experts will allow you to calculate the most profitable option for getting rid of waste, including the state's requirements on environmental policy.


Scalar takes on all the work to equip your base and the area around the road line, making it safe for you, your customers, and society. Starting with the documentation and layout, we comprehensively cover all areas of responsibility to meet all your needs.

Grounds services

Scalar will perform a full range of services for the care of the territory of the customer's public and private facilities, bases, and infrastructure. With us, you can be sure of the safety and functionality of the environment. Scalar has experience servicing recreation areas, industrial and production sites, and military bases of any size and guarantees high-quality services.