The Scalar company was formed by a group of specialists in the field of recruitment and security, who decided to make a breakthrough in the quality of services provided in the market. The Scalar team brought together the best brands, specialists and assets in this field under their wing, which allowed them to take security risk forecasting to a new level.

The company's activity is a culture of compliance with operational excellence and customer requirements. Scala offers informal teams and services, and also adjusts the product to a specific task, which allows you to achieve high results. Striving for excellence in everything has allowed Scalar to create a team of highly qualified specialists around the world.


Scalar is designed to create an association of the best resources, knowledge, and people in its field to integrate their experience and capabilities in risk management and the organization of humanitarian processes into the processes of our clients, whatever they need. Scalar specialists focus on working closely with clients to perform tasks at the highest level and create comfortable conditions for growth.


When solving the tasks set, our specialists are guided by stable moral norms and an unshakable will to create a safe environment for our clients and the entire public, bringing us closer to a safe and peaceful world every day.

Our corporate culture is based on the foundations of law, morality and ethics, and a humanistic approach. Scalar builds a partnership on these foundations as well, allowing us to make mutually beneficial cooperation not only durable but also enjoyable. We are immensely pleased that our customers also share our values and desire to ensure effective and ethical collaboration to create a safe living and working environment for employees and communities worldwide.

Being a responsible business partner, Scalar undertakes to protect the reputation of its clients and perform all tasks at the highest level. Scalar supports many ethical and professional global initiatives, including the The International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers, the United Nations Global Compact, and the Voluntary Principles of Security and Human Rights.