The Scalar К-9 Department has been working with the best dog breeds for many years to provide high-quality services for operational dog handlers and professional dog training, including animal training for security services of private and state-owned structures and domestic security dogs.

To date, Scalar K-9 is a leading supplier of search dogs with unique offers for focused training dogs to detect explosives. A characteristic difference between the department of training and training is not only in the staff of professional dog handlers and veterinarians who perform their work at the highest level but also in attracting specialists to work with explosive and narcotic substances. The result of such training was a training team that can provide our customers with precisely what they need.

Cargo Screening

Scalar K-9 provides trained security dogs with the proper level of certification to work at customs checkpoints to check cargo of any size for our Customers and government agencies.

Venue and Event Security

K9 security teams provide the best available security. Dog teams trained to detect explosives, drugs, weapons, and contraband are effectively deterring and spotting dangerous and illegal activities that might endanger major events and well-known locations.

Explosives Detection

The Scalar team group provides dogs trained to detect any type of explosives, both commercial and military, including the "Mother of Satan" and other explosives previously undetectable by dogs and dog handlers, both for work at entry points and security systems of private enterprises.

Drug detection

Scalar K-9 follows the most reliable and safe training techniques for detecting narcotic substances with a guarantee against incorrect identification. Scalar sniffer dogs are guided by the pure smell of substances, not hidden by packaging or containers, which ensures the highest quality of work.

- Special purposes detection services
- Special purposes detection services
Cell phone detection dogs
Currency detection dogs
Anti-smuggling detection dogs
Hazardous substances detection dogs
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- K-9 Training Center

Scalar K9 Training Center works with the full range of possible customer requests, providing targeted solutions in various areas of operational activity. To ensure high quality of services, our training center has developed specialized training programs for dogs and highly qualified dog handlers, training them in situations based on real cases and conditions as close as possible to operational scenarios.

Our specialists are ready to train your dogs to detect drugs, explosives, cargo inspection and identification, ensuring your safety at events for government and commercial clients. Dogs from the Scalar Training Center work in the harshest conditions to ensure complete safety around the world.

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