Reception and Concierge Services

Reflecting your values in our approach to security

Creating a pleasant, positive first impression among customers, employees, and guests, location, and peace of mind for their safety has always been one of the main tasks of Scalar employees. Our specialists develop an individual approach to the security of each customer, forming the system so that it quickly and organically fits into our customers' existing processes. Scalar employees adhere to the corporate culture and values of the client's organization, creating a united front to ensure work with the customer's employees. This way, we make not only an influential group of employees who do their job but also competent brand representatives who adhere to the highest standards of customer service.

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Access control and badging

Introducing a security system will avoid the risk of unauthorized persons at your protected facilities and control the flow of visitors and employees entering and exiting the protected facility. We offer various identifying badges for your security system, which will allow you to quickly recognize a person or someone trying to get into the company.

Reception and customer service

Scalar provides the services of an administrator who will be responsible not only for security at his site but also form a friendly environment for customers and, if necessary, assisting them to ensure their safety. Receiving calls following the client's standard and answering basic questions allows you to create the required atmosphere for the customer to attract and retain the client's attention.

Background screening

To maintain complete confidence in the personnel and intentions of those who come to our customers, we provide a service for checking the biographical data of a person. We use not only open data search but also sources of security services to make competent management decisions, as well as the timely response of security services.

Biometric screening

Scalar provides a biometric authentication service. Access control to an object of knowledge is a significant upgrade of the security system compared to other authentication factors that cannot be forged or stolen. Only biometrics allows you to create a procedure for full confirmation of identity without providing a volume of information.