Physical security is the most crucial part of protecting your company and facility. The whole concept of physical security includes protecting personnel, equipment and more easily exposed software systems, networks, and data from possible and practical physical actions and events that lead to damage, loss, and destruction.

Physical security is often ignored or underestimated, which leads to an incomplete analysis of possible threats and, as a result, incorrect management decisions are made. Scalar offers a full range of physical security services for your facilities.

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Scalar offers services for all the main components of physical security: access control, surveillance, and testing. Creating a holistic security program that includes all the features of material security, its timely support, and improvement allows Scalar to be a leader in the market of the best products in the field of physical security.

- surveillance
- Testing

Since physical security is a preventive measure and a response tool, it is necessary to conduct timely testing for the implemented security technologies and algorithms. Testing allows you to determine the effectiveness of implemented changes and identify weaknesses of any system to make the necessary adjustments.

Testing is also essential to ensure an overall unified reaction of employees to a dangerous situation and to develop norms of behavior in such a situation. The best example of providing physical security is fire safety. Fire drills are mandatory for all organizations, allow you to coordinate large groups of people, work out the response method, and minimize errors when a real threat occurs. Scalar provides its clients not only with a security system but also with the practice of working out the situation with your staff to teach how a company should identify, respond to it, and behave in the process of its liquidation to guarantee the competent execution of physical security instructions at the right moment.