Operations Command Center

Ensuring your security 24/7

Implementing the Operations Command Center system in the security field guarantees constant monitoring of the implementation of tasks and provides a new level of support. Scalar specialists manage the execution of assigned tasks as they arrive based on the skills and experience of allocating team resources and technical equipment to provide the client with the highest class of service.

In the modern security industry, the constant flow of information and round-the-clock monitoring increases awareness of the current situation and allows you to make quick, accurate, competent management decisions on which the security of the entire enterprise depends. Therefore, Scalar provides its customers with the best services to maximize protection and strengthen your strategic superiority.

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Mobile Command Center Operations

At a distance from the command center and the infrastructure necessary for the task, the mobile command center, provided with a Scalar, becomes a means of first necessity for informing about threats, analyzing available resources, and adjusting security solutions.

24/7 Security Monitoring

Scalar employees provide round-the-clock surveillance and intelligence to ensure operational information management in real-time. It is the constant monitoring and the ability of Scalar specialists to provide reports in a concise form that allows you to make decisions quickly. We use our analytical data and proactive approach to monitoring and responding to changes as the situation develops.

Alarm monitoring

Scalar employees, in the process of constant monitoring, pay great attention to the causes of possible alarms and, with the help of sensors in all strategically essential points, receive information quickly, which allows you to act in advance and respond to the incident promptly and efficiently.

Video surveillance

Scalar offers services for installing and monitoring video surveillance systems at the facility, which allows not only to observe how production processes are carried out and security is ensured but also to monitor the behavior of individual subjects, preventing crimes.

Dispatch services

Scalar presents to its clients dispatcher service specialists who are responsive, specialists who follow strict procedures, uniquely tailored to the command center's operations and the customer's specific needs. The constant support of the dispatcher during particularly complex operations and customer visits allows you to maintain communication between the team and the command center for the prompt execution of the task.

Incident command

During the incident, the focus is on the safety of the people involved and restoring order. Scalar's awareness team and technical solutions significantly improve situational awareness, providing immediate access to accurate information, decision support, and the ability to deploy available response services quickly.

Intelligence and threat analysts

Specialists in intelligence and data analytics of various types Scalar quickly analyze the data received in the command center and give a clear result that is guaranteed to be understandable to any part of the customer's team whose work it will affect.

- Mobile Command Center Operations

Mobile centers are becoming increasingly popular for providing security, monitoring possible threats, and collecting and analyzing intelligence. Scalar offers its clients the possibility of a mobile command center equipped with the needs of the client, which become especially necessary not only in case of critical incidents but also when working with population groups. Mobile centers allow us to ensure the safety of our clients and the public. Therefore they are widely used by law enforcement agencies. Scalar focuses on the goals of the customer, providing mobile centers for performing a specific narrowly focused task, as well as universal command centers.