Nuclear Security Protection

Nuclear power plants are one of the most durable and protected structures and buildings. Unwanted penetration of such an object is undoubtedly a difficult task. The combination of structures, armed professionals in the field of facility security, a strict access control system for employees and visitors, and several security systems provides an almost ideal protection system that organizations can dream of.

Due to their small number and the impossibility of rapid construction, nuclear power plants often become targets of invasion, and to overcome the multi-stage system of object protection, the most destructive methods can be chosen, which can affect the entire society. Scalar provides additions to your security system that will not give an attacker a chance to achieve what he wants.

The NPP safety system is based on three concentric circles and the level of safety increases as you approach the reactor. The first zone is considered a sizeable external perimeter, or the "zone controlled by the owner." This part of the territory is the furthest from the reactor. Scalar experts recommend using not only information but also physical protection of the domain to prevent any undesirable person from passing through the barrier with the external environment.

The second circle is called the "Protected area," this circle is additionally fenced, and armed security specialists protect its integrity. In addition to an additional visitor identification system, Scalar provides the customer with the necessary surveillance systems and highly qualified specialists with extensive experience in such important projects.

The inner circle is called the "vital area." It contains a reactor and associated security systems, a control room, a spent fuel pool, and central alarm stations. Access to the vital area is restricted and protected by locked and signaled security doors and checkpoints guarded by responsible specialists.

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In the nuclear power industry, some of the strictest security measures are applied, as well as protocols and systems for controlling personnel access to critical equipment.

Scalar offers the following security measures for your facilities to ensure the safety of your equipment and infrastructure with the help of land or water explosives.

Physical barriers, electronic detection and assessment systems, and illuminated detection zones

Physical barriers in the form of perimeter fences, the introduction of electronic detection systems in addition to them with constant communication with the command center, and protective lighting of target units ensure the complete physical security of the object in a given area from penetration. Scalar uses reliable materials for constructing fences and their protection from hacking and destruction by intruders.

Electronic surveillance and physical patrols of the plant perimeter and interior structures

Implementing an electronic surveillance system using cameras and motion sensors is critical in ensuring safety. An active surveillance system in combination with patrolling internal and external objects creates an additional ring of protection for the building with the reactor and the entire NPP.

Bullet-resisting, protected positions throughout the plant

Scalar offers its customers solid protection of control points. Bulletproof glass and fencing at the necessary attributes of the territory, which may be subject to attack due to their location, will become another obstacle to any attempt to infiltrate an ill-wisher.

Robust barriers to critical areas

Scala offers its customers the service of additional reinforcement of critical points at facilities, including nuclear power plants. The location of robust barriers of any shape and the possible introduction of motion sensors allow you to make the area around your facility more secure and problematic for outside penetration without the appropriate access class.

Background checks and access control for employees

For your complete confidence in your staff and those who pass to the facility, Scalar provides a biographical check service. It gives an identity control point for the personnel of your database using identification badges, cards, and biometric data to eliminate the risk of unauthorized persons entering the facility.

Highly trained, well-armed security officers

Scalar represents its best specialists who have received additional training in nuclear power plant safety so that you can be sure that such a valuable asset of your company is protected. At the customer's request, it is also possible to organize the management of the entire security system at the facility.