High-Consequence Protection

One of the most challenging and intractable global problems of modern society, threatening the whole of humanity, has become the problem of terrorism. To eliminate the threat from terrorist groups around the world, security industry leaders and heads of state agencies should develop programs and constantly train the personnel of security organizations to increase readiness to manage possible incidents, prevent them and eliminate them with a minimum number of victims.

The main goals of terrorist groups today are the availability of nuclear materials and weapons of mass destruction. Scalar, adhering to its mission to create a safe world for companies and communities, has developed tactics to regulate problems with severe consequences for humanity. Tactics include chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear protection tactics to prevent weapons of mass destruction from falling into the hands of intruders.

Dealing with weapons of mass destruction and threats related to their possession and use by intruders, it is necessary to take additional precautions, including reservation resources and special training programs for personnel equipped with the required technical means to combat threats. Scalar has many years of training experience in the field of physical protection and using the latest technological means to ensure security. Our specialists create opportunities that are critical to this defensive strategy...

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Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Defense (CBRN)

Scalar employees involved in creating tactics and ensuring the safety of objects needing increased protection have the knowledge and experience of responding and behaving in a dangerous situation, including chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear security.


Scalar introduces into the security system measures aimed at preventing the spread of biological and chemical weapons that affect harmful organisms among animals and plants in order to minimize the risk of transmission of an infectious disease and ensure the safety of your composition.

Nuclear Security

Scalar ensures the safe use of radiation sources for your power plant and business. Also, it considers methods for reducing the risks associated with a radiation source under normal conditions and accident conditions to ensure the nuclear safety of people, society, property, and the environment.

Nuclear non-proliferation strategy and training

Under the treaty aimed at the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, Scalar helps States and organizations use atomic energy. Scalar employees provide training services on disarmament procedures and the peaceful use of nuclear power to maintain global balance and international agreements.

Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) non-proliferation strategy and training

Scalar presents training and academic training programs for early and middle-level specialists interested in diplomacy in the field of WMD and whose activities are in implementing treaties on disarmament and the peaceful use of nuclear weapons. Scalar experts in international law, security, and related disciplines provide their knowledge and conduct simulation exercises for your staff.

Specialized National Laboratory Technical Support

Thanks to their connections with the leading laboratories in the world, Scalar employees provide you with the services of independent market leaders in specific test and laboratory services for expertise, advanced materials science, and clinical research support. The laboratory provides technical and informational support to the client for chemical and biological analysis. And radiation interference.

Electronic Security Systems

Scalar helps to implement an additional electronic security system for integration into the required level of protection of objects using video surveillance systems, fire alarms, and access control. The main components of systems at nuclear and chemical hazardous enterprises are noise sensors, motion sensors, and leakage sensors of hazardous substances connected to the circuit, allowing them to be combined into a standard security system quickly and efficiently.

Export Control

In exporting and transporting goods for various purposes, including hazardous goods, Scalar operates under export control, the norms of how technologies, technical data, and materials are sent and transferred from foreign countries to individuals and legal entities.

Material Control and Accountability

Scalar will help you to introduce a material reporting procedure to track changes in the storage, transportation, transfer, and destruction of hazardous biological materials and assets when they are no longer needed. Scalar specialists will help to form a secure internal database of dangerous agents located at the facility, where they are located, and who is responsible for their use, transportation, or disposal.

Physical Security

Scalar erects physical security around your facility and provides it with reliable personnel armed with technological advances to ensure safety in monitoring, providing access, and conducting tests to practice the actions of the response team and personnel at the facility.

Vulnerability Assessments

Scalar specialists conduct virtual and accurate tests, collect information about the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of the transportation system, and control and monitor actions with the most dangerous substances and assets that require additional monitoring.

E-Learning, CBT and Traditional Instructional Design and Development

With the help of Scalar specialists in educational design, a staff training program is being created for the competent handling of hazardous materials and nuclear power in a normal state and for recognizing a dangerous situation, learning the necessary actions, and quickly ensuring safety for themselves and the communities around.

Instruction and Facilitation

Experienced and highly qualified Scalar specialists act as instructors and facilitators of the training process, ensuring the safety of facilities that do not pose a critical danger to society locally and globally in case of trouble by global risk management standards.

Competency Program Development

Scalar forms a program for developing young specialists in the field of management, reducing the number of WMDs, and working at a specific facility with the help of the development of core competencies for working with chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons.

Organizational Development, Leadership and Team Development

Scaler specialists allow you to create and hire teams and work out their positions and intergroup dynamics to create the best group for solving tasks, from command patrolling the territory of the facility to a rapid response team to outside interference and insider attack.