Executive protection

Public figures or politicians, people of high income, or VIP persons are known to more people because of their status, career, and achievements, and belonging to any social group is often at increased risk. Scalar security officers conduct an in-depth analysis of possible threats and hazards of finding persons with an increased need for security in a particular environment and plan every step to protect against financial and physical or reputational damage threats.

Scalar also works with representatives of government agencies and high-ranking officials. Highly qualified security personnel will protect you and your most valuable employees in any circumstances. Scalar specialists are certified according to the primary international standards, have extensive work experience, behave professionally, and help prevent conflicts before they transition to the open phase. The commitment to professionalism allows our employees to constantly receive recognition for the effective and high-quality performance of assigned tasks.

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Protective movements and armed escorts

Scalar provides a group of guards, armed or not, depending on the situation where the constant escort is needed. Scalar specialists conduct a complete analysis of possible risks and areas of movement to ensure maximum safety for the customer. Depending on the environment, the team of the protective action chooses a form around the goal of protection, which is reported in advance, so that you are not distracted from achieving your goals while you are under the protection of Scalar professionals.

High-threat protection for dignitaries

To protect those exposed to maximum danger, Scalar has developed a unique training and work system for its staff, which consists not of a reactive, but a proactive approach. So all kinds of threats are cut off before the opportunity to express themselves, which increases the effectiveness of protective measures.

International travel protection

Scalar security teams meet all the requirements of international certification systems, which allows us to present a program of international protection of managers, diplomats, and celebrities on trips. Under the guidance of our security team, your travels will go smoothly and as planned.


The Scalar team of specialists provides protective escort services for your clients and facilities. Scalar specialists thoroughly check visitors for the presence of prohibited items, respond to any incidents, and take into account all the causes of dangerous situations to ensure maximum safety.

Close Protection

The Scalar team is the leader in the personal security market. Our specialists ensure your physical safety and work to prevent injuries, loss of personal belongings and their damage, and deaths in high-risk situations. Whatever danger lurks around the corner, Scalar will take care of your safety.

Celebrity and corporate VIP protection

Protecting VIP clients is a crucial task. The Scalar protection team fully understands that an individual approach is needed for people to whom public attention is riveted or who are in great danger. Each VIP client protection team is assigned highly qualified managers who control the strategy and actions of each protection service.

Armed vehicle transportation

Scalar has extensive experience not only in protecting people but also cargo. We are very serious about transporting your valuable assets, so we offer you many models of armored vehicles for transporting the most valuable cargo over any distance with the most flexible delivery schedules so that you can access your assets anytime. In addition to the fast and accurate compliance with the agreed terms of prosperity, your goods are reliably insured while Scalar protects them.

Route and venue reconnaissance and clearance

Taking into account all the risks that may arise while transporting your customers or your valuable cargo, Scalar offers a professional escort service for road planning and exploration. Our drivers and safety team follow the rules of safe driving and prioritize your safety on any stretch of road.

Security advance, counter-attack, and surveillance teams

Scalar pays special attention to its team's performance to protect you, your customers directly, and your interests. Intelligence and counter-surveillance capabilities determine the surveillance capabilities for attack and theft in monitoring the environment of the target of protection. Scalar specialists do not allow collecting information about their clients, avoid regular routes and effectively reduce the risks of threats in practice.