Corporate Risk Management

Corporate risk management is one of the most effective and popular methods of managing and minimizing financial losses for a company today. Scalar offers the services of its risk managers to consult managers, line managers, and middle managers to improve the practices used to prevent the threat of losses.

The main techniques for minimizing losses are internal control of people and technologies embedded in the decision-making process. Risk management also applies to external threats that the company cannot control but must take into account, for example, fluctuations in the market and changes in the value of the company's assets.

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Risk and vulnerability assessments

Scalar specialists collect information about possible threats to your field of activity and market activity and analyze your physical and operational vulnerabilities to identify your company's main threats and weaknesses, considering both external conditions and the threat of an insider attack.

Security assessments

Scalar is ready to help you prevent threats to your business and evaluate the current security system. We use the best techniques on the market for analyzing and modernizing operational and functional security from the leading group of external and internal threats.

Intelligence monitoring

In their analysis, Scalar specialists rely on data from financial intelligence, cyberspace intelligence, and cryptocurrencies to provide you with a full range of data that affects your business processes. Our experts identify the relationships that have the most significant impact on your weaknesses in risk protection.


Scalar specialists use a complete set of cyberspace intelligence tools to identify weaknesses in the risk protection system and possible sources of data leakage to provide you with an accurate plan for eliminating weaknesses and a plan for responding to potential problems in cyberspace to ensure your security at the highest level.

Emergency action planning

Based on the analyzed data, Scalar specialists form a comprehensive security program and an algorithm to reduce damage in case of problems. Our specialists can also continue working with the company, conduct training for managers, and advise in case of disputes.