Technical intelligence

Technical intelligence is determined by a specific purpose сollecting, processing, analyzing, and using data and information related to competitor equipment and materials. Technical intelligence in the analysis of equipment and materials allows you to reduce the risk of technological surprise in predicting your own successes and evaluate other people's capabilities for developing counter-measures that are aimed at neutralizing the advantages of a competitor or opponent.

Scalar allows for a specific assessment of the technical state of a competitor's or opponent's technologies in a conflict, from primary forms of military equipment and positioning to missile armament and positioning of a missile division.

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Weapon system analysis

Scalar specialists with extensive experience in the engineering and weapons business collect data and analyze data obtained from UAVs and other devices that contribute to the analysis of the main statistics of weapons: mechanics of operation, size, area of damage, the force of destruction exerted. All these data will allow you to make competent management decisions to ensure security from the enemy with the analyzed weapon system.

Foreign technologies analysis

Scalar offers its clients a service for classifying and analyzing foreign technologies used by the specified competitor. With the help of data collected by analysts in the field of technical intelligence from open sources and measuring methods of intelligence, analysts use proven research and engineering skills to determine the capabilities of radar systems, sensors, and military technologies.

Environment analysis

Scalar provides services for analyzing the environment of an object or infrastructure to create a model based on known or suspected methods of enemy action, which illustrates the location, activity, and size of enemy resources in a specific operational environment to decide on further interaction.