Signals Intelligence

Signal intelligence plays a vital role in creating an integrated security system, providing analysts and commanders with the information they need to protect our country and save lives. In the information society, the volume and speed of data transmission by various signaling systems are constantly increasing, which makes the signal intelligence procedure the most complex aspect of the intelligence sphere.

The concept of signal intelligence includes obtaining data from electronic signals and systems used by enemy technical means such as communication systems, radars, and weapons systems, which provide a window to determine the enemy's next move to determine a possible target and maintain their security.

Scalar intelligence specialists with extensive knowledge in languages, mathematics, analytics, and engineering collect and analyze information not only about competitors, specific individuals, and organizations but also allows you to predict the action of terrorist organizations in hot spots.

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Communication intelligence

Scalar specialists with a high level of proficiency in languages, engineering, and qualified analysts work with intercepted messages or voice information in a common data array to obtain important strategic and tactical data that increase the effectiveness of management decisions in the field of security.

Electronic intelligence

The data obtained with the help of electronic intelligence allows you to collect and analyze information about the enemy's location and capabilities by reading available sensors and radars and their location points, enabling you to update tactical schemes and security systems.

Foreign instrumentation signals intelligence

Scalar specialists are engaged in the intelligence of enemy technologies and tools by analyzing signals sent by machines to each other, electromagnetic signatures of the launch and operation of various technical means, as a combination of messages in human and machine languages, including signals from telemetry, radio beacons, tracking /detonation/ arming/ firing control systems, and video data transmission channels.