GEO intelligence

GEOINT covers all aspects of image processing, including measurements and signature data obtained with the help of other types of intelligence activities and cartographic and geodetic information. It allows you to describe, evaluate and visually display the received information about human activity in a particular space, ranging from data in a range of different types of radiation to data tied to a geographical location, for example, social network data.

Scalar specialists analyze data collected from stationary and moving targets using various active and passive sensor programs (including IR, MWIR, SWIR TIR, Spectral, MSI, and others) and non-technical means, for example, information received by personnel. GEOINT data can be obtained using commercial satellites, aircraft, maps, commercial databases, population census information, GPS waypoints, communication system layouts, or other individual data.

GEOINT is a fast-growing field of activity. Scalar specialists are constantly developing their activities to meet the growing demands for analysis in connection with the geographical binding of demographic, political, and ethnic data to create a stable and secure world.

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Precise location data

GEOINT allows you to use the exact location of billions of mobile phone users in every part of the planet to provide better services not only for commercial use but also to strengthen the security system and ensure the safety of your customers. Accurate location data also applies to vehicles, ATM transactions, and online activities.

Remote sensing information

GEOINT/GIS analysis of high-resolution images from space is becoming increasingly accessible to any enterprise with the advent of reusable commercial rockets and small, less expensive satellites. Scalar specialists will compile an intelligent system for the introduction of UAVs for the tasks of your business, which will allow you to provide visualization of territories and objects for everyone today, which will improve the quality of both the work of personnel to ensure the safety of the enterprise and large agricultural farms.

Processing Power

The introduction of the GEOINT system with the help of technology with greater computing power will allow you to keep up with the times and reduce costs with the use of more efficiently performed computing operations, accelerate the timing of development and delivery of projects, increase the value of the company's assets. Scalar provides a system of technical equipment to improve the efficiency of data processing and reduce the financial and time costs of analysis.

Data Analytics

Implementing the GEOINT data analytics system benefits and contributes to developing predictive analytics capabilities for crisis prevention in healthcare, telecommunications, utilities, insurance, and various areas of banking, allowing our customers to be prepared for many things.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Using data on a specific location and measurements of various objects allows you to create more realistic models of place in games, training, and virtual and augmented reality programs with the immersion of the user in an actual situation with detailed accuracy.

The Internet of Things

Using GEOINT contributes to better collection and analytics of streaming data from devices in real-time, improving the quality of products with built-in means of interacting with the environment and each other.