Finance intelligence

Financial intelligence is generally understood as collecting information about the financial affairs of entities of interest to the customer's structure to understand their nature and capabilities and predict their next steps and possible consequences.

The primary purpose of financial intelligence is to identify illegal financial transactions related to tax evasion, money laundering, or other illicit activities, including financing organized criminal groups and terrorist organizations through transferring any form of capital.

Financial intelligence proceeds in two stages: information collection and data analysis. Data collection is usually carried out by a government agency and financial tracking services. Scalar financial intelligence specialists are qualified to collect basic transactional information and reports on possible suspicious activity (SAR), which are provided within the framework of regulatory requirements by banks and financial organizations and can be supplied through global interprovincial networks.

Scalar specialists, at the request of the customer, conduct an in-depth analysis of the received financial and transactional information, containing a large amount of data using methods of technical analysis of transactions and data matching of certain persons to identify illegal activities or activities related to the financing of the organization of crimes, to try to identify specific actions the goals and consequences of its conduct.

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