Crypto intelligence

Scalar specialists provide complete global cryptocurrency intelligence. With the help of advanced cryptanalytic analysis of massive indicators and the method of clustering indicators, we offer our customers the opportunity to track all the desired virtual assets, including the most prominent and most promising tokens, such as BTC, BCH, ETH, ERC-20, Tether, and LTC.

Cooperation with the Scalar cryptocurrency intelligence center specialists allows you to use the most proven and latest statistical methods for reports. The most accessible interpretation of the results makes it easy to navigate the compiled forecasts.

In addition to forecasting, Scalar specialists create effective models of cybercrime threats to verify the system's security and identify up to 87% of relationships and individual factors indicating an increased risk of a transaction or transaction, a breakthrough in cryptosecurity at the moment.

Scalar specialists make cryptocurrency safe and reliable, stimulating widespread use and timely introduction into the global crypto economy for several trillion dollars.

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Blockchain Analytics

Customized analysis of how your crypto wallet earns/loses money depending on the value of the acquired assets, with the ability to anticipate possible points of growth and fall. Measuring the activity level of leading exchanges.

DeFi Analytics

Multidimensional analysis of market indicators of DeFi projects and segments of the DeFi ecosystem. Scalar customize the necessary interactive analysis tools for example, loss calculators for specific segments of DEXes and other devices for the most convenient and transparent process of investing in DeFi.

Market Analytics

Setting up tools allows you to compare spot and derivative trading data and obtain market forecasts with the possibility of in-depth analysis of off-chain activity for any asset.